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The Zen lineage of Willigis J├Ągercan be seen as a community of people travelling the same path of practice. What makes the community so special is the power emanating from the joint practice in Sesshin, in the rituals, celebrations and meetings.


For many of us, the community, the friendships developed within it and the mutual support found there, have become cornerstones of our lives. In this context, two features need to be highlighted.


The one involves the self-discipline each one of the community assumes for regular practice and the associated journey. Within a spiritual community, one’s companions, just as one’s teachers, are to be seen as a reflection of one’s own behaviour, and not as people with whom we compare ourselves or even compete with. Such a feature actually represents a major part of the practice itself and is a prerequisite for travelling the journey together.


The other decisive feature involves togetherness, as seen in behaviour mindful of other people - people whom we always meet as individuals with all their specific characteristics


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