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Willigis Jäger represents a modern trans-confessional spirituality, providing answers to the pressing questions of those on the spiritual path in the 21st century.

As a Zen and Contemplation master, he is influenced by both Christian mysticism and Eastern Zen traditions, while at the same time transcending the traditional concepts of religion found in both Christianity and the religions of the East. His understanding of such an overall spirituality - termed "West-Östliche Weisheit" or “Occidental-Oriental Wisdom” - is based on the Philosophia perennis, currently expressed in forms of integrated thinking and action.  

This vision incorporates the latest insights from the world of science, together with economic, political and social behaviour, in which such integrated spirituality is practised.  

Willigis Jäger is the founder of the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, a centre for spiritual pathways, where he lives and works. He is also co-founder and initiator of a number of spiritual centres throughout Germanyand Europe. His vision of a global, trans-confessional spirituality is to be found in a whole range of books and is practiced by an ever growing community throughout the world.


He has been confirmed by both Japanese and Chinese Zen lineages as a Zen (Chinese: chan) master. As founder of the Zen lineage “Leere Wolke” (“empty cloud”) and having revived the practice of contemplation in the Western world, he is supporting numerous people throughout the world on their spiritual journey.

Willigis Jäger is the founder of the “West-Östliche Weisheit Willigis Jäger Stiftung”, a foundation offering people who feel attracted to his vision an international platform for sharing experience.


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