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In its radical non-dual form and in line with Christian tradition, Contemplation has been revived and renewed by spiritual leaders including Willigis J├Ąger, adapting to 21stcentury ways of thinking.


The people upholding the tradition of contemplative prayer are no longer monks and nuns, but everyday people, many of them married, out at work and carrying responsibility. This form of prayer is offered to such people in the form of courses. It is a spiritual path, open to each and every one of us willing to take it. It is all about a deep experience of oneself, transcending rational thought, transcending one’s personality.


Contemplation as lived and taught by Willigis J├Ągeris the western (Christian) form of expressing that spiritual wisdom known and taught over many thousands of years in different religions. In the ways it is taught and learned, it is related to other major religions, including those of the East. It is centred around experiencing a state of consciousness transcending the ego, which can lead to a timeless and spaceless awareness of nothingness, an awareness of our very origin of life.


In this sense, Contemplation is, along with Zen, a cornerstone of the “West-├ľstlichen Weisheit”, the foundation founded by Willigis J├Ąger for the purpose of researching and practicing the spiritual pathways of both Western and Eastern religions.


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