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The Willigis J├Ąger Foundation is based on the “European Zen Academy for Managers” (“Europ├Ąische Zen-Akademie f├╝r F├╝hrungskr├ĄfteÔÇč), a foundation founded by Prof. Dr. Hans Wielens in 2002 in M├╝nster (Germany), whose work is being continued and further developed within the new organisation by the “Kuratorium Spiritualit├Ąt und Wirtschaft”, the committee with members from the spiritual and business world.


Echoing its mission, the Willigis J├Ąger Foundation has a number of committees, responsible respectively for Zen, Contemplation, business, science, health, or bringing together the friends of the Foundation. The chairpersons of these committees are members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which, together with the Steering Committee, takes decisions on concrete Foundation projects and supervises their implementation through the Board.


The Foundation has its headquarters at the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, a centre for integrated spirituality founded by Willigis J├Ąger. The Foundation is run purely on a non-profit basis.


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