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The “Zen lineage – Leere Wolke/Empty Cloud” committee

In June 2009 Zen master Willigis J├Ąger,Kyo-un Roshi, founded a new Zen lineage with the name “Leere Wolke“ (“Empty Cloud“).This lineage has its roots in both the Zen tradition of Japan and the Chan tradition of China, reflecting the fact that Willigis J├Ąger has received the Dharma and has been appointed a Zen master in both traditions. The Zen lineage “Leere Wolke”, based at the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, runs numerous centres in Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Hungaryand Slovakia. It is one of the leading independent Zen lineages in Europe, with its work contributing greatly to bridging the gap between Christian and Eastern spirituality.



“Zen lineage – Leere Wolke/Empty Cloud” committee


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