west-├ľstliche Weisheit - Willigis J├Ąger Stiftung

Purpose of Foundation Print

“I founded the “Willigis Jäger Stiftung West-Östliche Weisheit“ in 2007, personally endowing the Foundation with my life’s work. The Foundation is based at the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen. It pursues my main objective of leading people to experience reality on a trans-confessional and trans-personal level. The Foundation represents a platform for practising the ways of attaining this level, and is a platform for projects which, on the basis of this experience, are intended to help inspire 21st century society and give it a new direction.



The Foundation supports further research into the positive ways Zen and Contemplation can support people and into all activities involving the practice of an overall spirituality encompassing both Christian and Eastern thinking and behaviour. It offers both teachers and students a forum for sharing experiences, and helps those in search of spirituality to find learning opportunities suited to them.


One further important wish of mine is for the Foundation to take on the mission of supporting people who cannot afford Benediktushof courses for financial reasons.”

Founder and benefactor Willigis Jäger


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