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The Benediktushof Seminar- und Tagungszentrum GmbH (or "Benediktushof GmbH" for short), the limited company responsible for the management of all courses, seminars and conferences held at the Benediktushof, was founded in February 2003. The company operates the Benediktushof as a centre for spiritual paths.

The company has two shareholders: Ms. Gertraud Gruber from Rottach-Egern, who is also owner of the land and buildings, which she rents to the Benediktushof. The second shareholder is the academy West-√Ėstliche Weisheit GmbH, a non-profit company belonging to of the Willigis J√§gerFoundation. Dirk Ahlhausis managing director of the Benediktushof GmbH.

The Benediktushof GmbH is responsible for creating and maintaining the overall legal and organisational framework and the economic base, upon which the Benediktushof and the fulfilment of its objectives is dependent. The company tries to remain in the background, allowing the spotlight to shine on what is at the core of the Benediktushof: its spiritual work.

The Benediktushof GmbH is likewise responsible for all costs. Alongside paying the rent, it also covers all operational expenditure associated with running the seminar and conference centre, including the wages of all Benediktushof staff. This expenditure is covered solely by the revenue generated from providing accommodation and meals and from the bookshop, and from a share of the course fees (for usage of rooms and course organisation).

Any surplus generated in a financial year is not paid out to the shareholders, but remains within the company for repairs and maintenance and for any necessary investment.



Advisory Board


The advisory board has been in existence since 2004. It is responsible for setting the overall business framework for running the Benediktushof. It advises and supports the management in all important issues. The advisory board includes one shareholder representative and one representative of the spiritual leadership.

Current members are:

  • Irene Bopp as the shareholder representative (i.e. the person representing Ms. Gertraud Gruber);
  • Dr. Alexander Porajas the representative of the Foundation;
  • Doris Z√∂lls as the representative of the spiritual leadership.

Willigis Jäger and Beatrice Grimm are guest members.


Irene Bopp, a tax consultant, has been working for Gertraud Gruber in an advisory capacity since 1976. Together with her husband Gerhard Bopp, she has supported the Benediktushof in an advisory role from the very start till now.




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