Benediktushof - Zentrum f├╝r spirituelle wege
Kursprogramm 2010

Daily meditation Print

The Benediktushof would like to invite you to take part in our daily
meditation (sitting in silence) sessions - whereby it is recommeded that
participants should have completed an introductory course in either Zen
or Contemplation.

Sessions take place at the following times:



5.45-6.15 Mindful walking 


6.15-6.45 Sitting in silence 


6.45-6.55 Mindful walking 


6.55-7.25 Sitting walking



16.30-17.10 Sitting in silence


17.10- 17.25 Mindful walking


17.25- 17.55 Sitting in silence 



19.30-20.00 Sitting in silence


20.00-20.15 Mindful walking


20.15-21.00 Sitting in silence 


During meditation/sitting in silence sessions, please only enter the
mediation room when the door is open.

You will find a notice on the entrance door stating in which room the
meditation/sitting in silence session is taking place.






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