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In the Benediktushof bookshop you will find a wide range of books on all spiritual paths taught at the Benediktushof, as well as books on many other associated subjects.
Should you want to create your own place of meditation at home, you will find here everything you need to do so: mats, cushions and benches, joss-sticks.

We also stock gongs, singing bowls, Ikebana material, various sorts of tea and essential oils.



In the Benediktushof bookshop, you will find a wide range of books on all spiritual pathways taught at the Benediktushof, together with books on many other fields of knowledge and life.  .
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The bookshop also offers a wide range of CDs and DVDs with music from different traditions, lectures and meditation guides.



The Bistro


The bookshop also has a bistro, where you can come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, a cold drink, any maybe a piece of cake, with the opportunity of sitting outside in the summer.




Our small bistro in the bookshop - with the possibility of sitting outside in the summer - is there for taking a break, reading a book or meeting friends, together with a cup of coffee or tea or a cold drink and maybe a piece of cake.

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