Benediktushof - Zentrum f√ľr spirituelle wege
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As well as being a centre for spiritual pathways, the Benediktushof is also a place of stillness, where people can get in touch with their inner selves and find peacefulness. That’s why many of our courses take place in silence.¬†

We ask you to be silent when you are in the Benediktushof, and also during meal-times. If it’s necessary to speak, please ensure that you don’t disturb anybody else. You’ll find, once you allow yourself to experience silence, how agreeable and beneficial it can be.¬†


Your work contribution


As part of the spiritual practice during our courses, one hour of work is required per day, either in the kitchen, house, workshop or garden. 



What to bring with you


Slippers and alarm clock. We also recommend work clothing for the work sessions. For the seated sessions, please wear comfortable, neutral-coloured unpatterned clothing (no tracksuits, shorts or sleeveless clothing). Also good shoes for walking.  



Forgotten something? 

Items left behind are kept for four weeks.  


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