West-Östliche Weisheit


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combining the wisdom of Eastern religions and Christianity and acting as

a forum for transconfessional spirituality


“The “West-Östliche Weisheit”, literally translated as Western-Eastern wisdom, is concerned with leading people to the transpersonal source of life, from which we all draw our strength. Everyone is invited to follow this spiritual path, whether they belong to a religion or not. This “Sophia perennis” path, the path to eternal wisdom described and taught in all kinds of books and institutions throughout the world, goes beyond individual dogmas and creeds. It is a spiritual path, intending to lay open the transconfessional roots of the world’s religions.


The West-Östliche Weisheit practices, teaches and researches the fundamental structure of the spiritual paths of Eastern religions and Christianity, a practice transcending traditions. Going back thousands of years, this practice is common to all religions and today more current than ever. It guides us in our day-to-day lives, the place where we can prove ourselves, helping us to train our consciousness in all aspects, whether physical, mental or spiritual.”


Wiligis Jäger



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